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    First Notes

    Winter First Notes classes begin January 8 in Ardmore, Conshohocken, and Marlton NJ! Register for a trial class at www.FirstNotes.com.

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    Earlychildhood NEWS - Article Reading Center

    While my main purpose in teaching class everyday is pure fun, I often talk about the science of children connecting their motor skills to the sounds they hear and how this fosters the gamut of ... See more

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    One of my favorite kids from my fave family enjoying class. #firstnoteskids

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First Notes Music

The First Notes music collection includes hundreds of newly recorded, fun, upbeat, and educational songs!  We include original, traditional, and popular songs along with simple exercises in solfege (do-re-mi…) and rhythm on each season’s CD.  All First Notes music is recorded at MTC Studios and tailored for small children.  Listen to a few of our songs below!