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Jacksonville School of Music

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Baby Music Classes

First Notes is the perfect introduction to music of babies and toddlers.  Music Classes are taught by a team of talented musicians who specialize in teaching children.

A new music CD is provided every season.

There are many benefits to early music education in children including emotional development, early development of fine motor skills, socialization, and early recognition of rhythm and counting.  Children who progress through the First Notes program are often ready to begin music lessons by 4 years old.

Children who are engaged in music and the performing arts find personal fulfillment while developing their identity, creativity, intellect, social connections, work ethic, and craftsmanship.

First Notes music education and performance programs impart important life skills and prepare children for success as parents, members of the community, and in fields such as the arts, science, education, medicine, engineering, politics, business, and law.

First Notes Music Classes are held at the Jacksonville School of Music in Jacksonville FL.