First Notes Registration

LIVE interactive music classes, taught by talented musicians!

Classes are held online during Covid-19.

Siblings in the same household are covered under one family enrollment.  

We also entertain at Birthday Parties!

Class Types

  • First Notes Babies (0 to 2 years) – A small group class (up to 6 children and parents) – You and your child will learn to sing songs, solfeggio melodies (“do-re-mi”), basic counting and rhythm (quarter and eighth notes), and fun ways to use small homemade instruments!  One of the BEST things about First Notes Babies is that you will learn so many ways to enjoy music at home with your child!  Parents or caregivers participate on-screen with their child in this class.
  • First Notes Kids (3 to 6 years) – As children become more independent, we help them to master musical concepts such as singing on pitch, counting, understanding musical concepts such as piano (quiet), forte (loud), presto (fast), and largo (slow), and begin to develop their confidence singing and playing small instruments like the xylophone.  

Winter 2021 Registration

10-week session from January 11 – March 20

We recommend that you purchase this xylophone
Ardmore, PA
Conshohocken, PA
Marlton, NJ
Montgomeryville, PA

Feel free to call us with any questions