Music Classes for Babies, Toddlers, and Pre-K

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What Parents Say…

My 1-year-old son was using everything as a drum – actually creating beats and tapping out the rhythms to nursery songs and songs he hears. MTC Ardmore and MTC Montgomeryville were great! My son LOVED both locations – theclasses, the other children, the teachers. I recommend these classes for all children.

N. Fulton MTC Ardmore April 12, 2015

My son started lessons at age 4 and he is progressing by leaps and bounds. Nick has a very kid-friendly approach to teaching and recognizes my son’s strengths and builds on them. I highly recommend MTC – they have been an answer to my son’s prayers!

A. Shumoski MTC Conshohocken April 12, 2015

Our twin girls attended the Music class in Marlton which can be at times challenging given the age of the kids. The instructors conducted the classes with enthusiasm, passion, patience and knowledge sprinkled with a bunch of fun. Our girls truly enjoyed the classes, learning different aspects of music and the CD’s were a great way to learn the poems and songs. This was a super introduction to music for little ones.

A. Martin MTC Marlton April 12, 2015

They instructors bring songs to life by actively engaging both kids and parents. Whether they’re harmonizing, demonstrating using the musical instruments with the kids during “instrument time,” or showing us the hand gestures that go along with a song, they’re both completely engaged in the instruction.

N. Benner MTC Conshohocken April 12, 2015

We started at First Notes when our kids were 2-1/2 and 6 months. Both kids LOVE the class and we play the CD’s constantly at home but nothing beats the actual class. The teacher’s enthusiasm for the music (and the kids) are infectious! Bravo!

C. Meersman MTC Conshohocken April 12, 2015